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The History of Gadwal Fort in India Essays

The History of Gadwal Fort in India Essays The History of Gadwal Fort in India Essay The History of Gadwal Fort in India Essay Physical history of the monument till date Movement/ Enclosure spaces Configuration of spaces w. R. T the activities of the people of the era Geometry of the place Art forms Pillars and Beams Chases Relationship between the palace and temple Rituals and customs Present condition of the monument The causes for deterioration Conclusion Recommendation for conservation Abstract: A fortress is a large place with a military stronghold sometimes within a town. Gadwall, a small town in the current Unbarring District of the state of Andorra Pradesh, was once the place of the reigning King/ Queen of the Gadwall Shaman. Gadwall Fort was the seat of the King of the Gadwall Shaman. The fortress, a legacy bestowed upon the government of India, Is presently the campus for the Maharani ODL Lax Defame Arts and Science College (M. A. L. D College). The government college has used the fort as Its campus from 1960. The fort has lost Its Orlando magnificence and is now in ruins. The reasons include almost no maintenance of the dedicated to Lord Canvasses Swami. This study is an attempt to document the Fort from its birth to its present state. A study and analysis is also undertaken of the spaces in the fort in terms movement and the effects of the changing perception of spaces in the fort. An attempt is made to derive the purpose of each space and the difference in perception changing over time. The study shall reveal the various influences on the architecture of the fort, which include the outer influences like the McHugh rule, Nab rule and inner influences of rituals and culture of the region. In conclusion, ideas for the renovation and preservation of the Gadwall fort in various forms are presented. Preface: Indian architecture and art forms are the most significant form of communication with the past. The carvings in stone, the paintings on walls; every form of art conveys the message through the ages. The way of living, the traditions followed, the social norms that once dictated the very form of life one led, all these are an integral part of the history that is on the verge of being lost. The manifestation of an idea, architecture is a celebration of life Hating Panda The idea that once resulted in the building of a structure, to defend against enemies and to protect those within its walls, a fort personifies the imagination that led to its construction. Built to fulfill the wishes of those who have believed in it the fort is a celebration of life. Architecture in India is the combined form of various cultures, civilizations starting with the Harpoon/ Monongahela to the Aryan influences. The Persian and McHugh architecture are integrated into the traditional Dravidian and South Indian architecture to ultimately lead to the present form of Indian architecture. The history of such architecture is what enables it to communicate and integrate the multiple value systems of the people that have lived and will always live in it. Any building constructed in India will show the effects of being built in such a varied and diversified culture. The structure can represent a single influence or combine all its history rolled into one. The study of such a building shows how the history has influenced its conception, the present in its use, and the future in its vision. Introduction: Krishna Tang workaday Samaritan manquà © sad hardstand assists sere Ramadan pariah Was Vaughan in Brahmas Purina Archaisms (The land that lies between the two holy rivers, the Krishna and The Thunderhead, is the chosen land of God. The almighty with all his manifestations always protects the people living in this sacred land. ) Gadwall, a small town on the banks of the river Krishna, is part of this sacred land. Gadwall is popularly known as INDIAN GADWALL, as the rulers of Gadwall Shaman had a great reputation for men of letters, poets and scholars of Sanskrit and Deluge from far and wide places including Thumbnail rail and road on the Hydrated-Banger route, is situated 200 SMS away from Hydrated Norte to Banger. Gadwall has a railway station and many trains in this route connect Gadwall to many important places across India including Delhi, Jasper, Atrophic, Banger, Moser etc. It is 15 SMS away from National Highway No. 7 and is connected at Revival Chartist. It is surrounded by 4 important towns on 4 sides, Embargoing on the North, Handcart on the East, Kronor on the South and Archaic of Karakas on the West. Gadwall was in fact a part of Archaic district before the reorganization of the district of erstwhile Hydrated state in 1956. Gadwall Shaman formed in the end of the 17th century during the reign of Raja Commandos 1663-1712). The areas of CIA, Kendall (present Kronor) together formed the basis of this Shaman. The town developed due to the presence of the Gadwall fortress as the main stronghold of the kings during their reign. The Imperial Gazetteer of India states that the Shaman contained one town, Gadwall (population 10,195) and 214 villages covering an area of 864 square miles (approve. 2338 square kilometers) with a population (1901) of 968,491. The fort was built by Raja Commandos during the beginning of the 18th century I. . , from 1702 to 1712. The king had declared independent rule in the aftermath of the fall of the Katydid Dynasty. The building of the fort was a necessity in the sense that to declare independence the King risked the attack of the other smaller kingdoms that arose at the same time. Thus, the structure was built to repel frequent attacks and necessitated the construction to mainly f ocus on the defense mechanisms. The Krishna and Thunderhead rivers water the northern and southern lands surrounding the fort making them very fertile due to alluvial soils deposited on the banks. The remaining land is mostly mamas land and uncultivated waste. The fort has been in use since its conception in the year f 1702. By the end of monarchical rule in India in 1948 the fort had served its residents for 246 years. The fort was then donated to the Union Government of India along with a donation of RSI. 25000 for the use of the fort as an educational institution. The Maharani Dad Lax Defame degree college was established in 1960 and the fort has since been used as its campus. The addition of new buildings when a portion of the old collapsed was an accepted procedure. The gross negligence and petty vandalism has resulted in the ruin of one of the most important historical artifact, the fort itself. The present condition of the fort is a crumbling ruin with little or no maintenance. Composition: The fort built in 1712 had been occupied and functional till the end of monarchical rule in 1948. It was then handed over to the Government of United India. The fort was built as the main defense against attacks by armies with cannons so its most important feature was that of the large rampart completely surrounding the palace and the temple within. The towers at intervals form the place of battlements. In its original form, a moat of 25 meters width and 4 meters depth, home to a large number of crocodiles completed the defense. The fort is divided into three distinct zones; the temple, the palace for the King, and extensive grounds that worked as an area for military and public use. The main rampart wall there are two other entrances used for different purposes. One was the entry for the commoners, the courtiers and visitors. The other entrance was solely used by the reigning ruler of the fort be it the Queen or the King. The misalignment of entry points was deliberate and was made to discourage a direct charge on the gates. Zones of the fort The building is built in the beginning of the 17th century, when the influence of the Tamil Dravidian style of architecture had Just begun to fade and the McHugh architecture had begun its roots into the style of architecture in India. Thus the structure is a combination of both of these styles and with the addition of local artists and rituals the design and style of the structure is unique to the region. Rampart wall: The outer wall of the fort is built in an almost perfect circular shape with battlements at intervals. The wall is constructed on a foundation made in the rubble stone style of the Vagrantly architecture. The rubble stone foundation provides the stability squired of the 10 to 12 meters (30-40 feet) high wall which is 2 meters in width at the bottom and 1 meter at the top. The wall is made of a combination of clay, small stones and a mixture of Jaggier and rice working as the adhesive cement. This conforms to the ancient recipe used prominently in mud structures. The thickness of the walls and the height are a necessity to hold against a charge of cannon balls. The walls form the main defense of the fort and hence were built with meticulous and careful methods. The boulevard that ran along the battlements was a corridor for patrolling without making contact with the moat. The inner side of the wall is a continuous line of stone rubble cladding broken only by the entrance gates at the two access points. One entrance leads to the public open space in front of the main gate of the palace and the temple and the other leads directly into the royal court of the palace. Thus, one entrance is deemed to have been used only by the commoners whereas the other was used prominently by the King/ Queens family and guests. The Achaean Save Swami Temple: The temple is said to have been built for the sole use of the Royal family. Though, biannual fairs held in town allowed public access to the temple especially when elaborate by the royalty themselves. The temple is built in typical Dravidian style but entirely with granite stone. The locally available granite is cheap and lasts longer than timber. The treated stone column and beam construction style is prominently used. The copular at the entrance rises over 20 meters high with an entrance gate around 6 meters high. This is consistent with the South Indian Dravidian style of temple architecture. The shelter for the chariot used in public rallies of the statues of Gods/ Goddesses is placed beside the entrance of the temple itself. To the side of the ample is a smaller entrance to the temple which is mainly used by the priests. The pillars and beams of the temple are highly decorated carvings of stone in various motifs from the Hindu mythology. The exquisite carvings are said to be the work of local and foreign artists. The central temple is dedicated to the Achaean Save Swami Temple with the shaggier holding the deity. The pillared halls in the temple made of huge slabs of wagons ( rituals ). The temple beside the central deity temple is dedicated to the wife of Achaean Save Swami and was a later addition to the original temple. The unfinished temple to the right of the central deity temple is said to have been constructed as a public marriage hall but was left unfinished due to unknown reasons. The Palace: The palace is again segregated into different realms based on the antiquated notions of womens privacy. The Public space requiring an elaborate fade, a place for viewing the occasion by the royalty yet removed from the people, and a place to allow entry into the more private realms of the palace. Within the palace, there are again realms separating the lives of those in the royal court and those from the royal family. The royal courts and places for the communing of court formed the part of the royal realm. The private quarters of the King and Queen formed the rest of the palace. The private quarters are complimented by a set of servants, vassals and other personnel of the royal household. The external walls of the palace are mostly made with stone, but the internal walls, floors and ceilings are made of brick, mortar and a cement of lime plaster. The inner walls are coated with lime and smoothed to a shine. Public space: The public fade forms an important part of the palace structure as it is the most prominently used and gains the most publicity. The fade of the palace in Gadwall fort was made unrelieved wall on the ground floor and exquisitely carved teak wooden bay windows on the first floor. The hall covered by these windows is said to have been used by the Queen and her handmaidens. The windows exactly above the entrance gate of the palace were said to have been decorated by colored glass imported from foreign countries. The fade maintained a semi open space around the gate with a large public area leading to it. The temple copular, the fade and the magistrates court on the opposite side of the palace frame this open space.

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Introduction to Rhetorical and Analytical Writing Essay - 2

Introduction to Rhetorical and Analytical Writing - Essay Example The society of America is amongst the most dynamic ones in the context of cross cultural individuals. It has for decades remained center of attention for people from different parts of the world, as a result bringing along different ethos, different norms, different personalities and other elements. This at times makes it difficult for smooth running and more often than not, conflicts and contrasts are seen with regard to their co existence. The movie overall shows local inhabitants how they are divided, fragmented within, then it shows people who have long settled in American society and how they undertaken their own existence. Another example presented is that of a American born Japanese origin individual and the identity crisis they are faced with. All relating to the social context of the American society and individual’s personality. The very first scene of the movie challenges the audience and invokes the questions of helplessness and fragmentation that the American society exhibits. The first scene of the movie sets a strong foundation for the overall theme of the movie and the future events that are to be followed. The movie has a clear purpose and objective to its making. It is one of those movies that carries the social and cultural meaning that needs to be conveyed to the masses. The movie has a message for gender equality, words against racial discrimination, and clear message against the ethnic conflict and the challenges that America faces in the light of cross cultural existence. The movie quite successfully addresses the problems faced and in a covert way presents them before the eyes of American citizens. It is in a way highlighting of the problems which in turn would enable overcoming these problems. The movie and its plot aims at highlighting the challenge of ethno centric approach that is carried by number of individuals in the American society. Parts of the movie depict the

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HBS (Harvard Business Studies) IT WILL BE CASE ANALYSIS Essay

HBS (Harvard Business Studies) IT WILL BE CASE ANALYSIS - Essay Example At the present time, over 90 percent of the workforce cannot run official duties in English. The CEO has set some punitive measures for those who will fail to achieve set scores – they will face demotions. As the program is rolled out, employees struggle to learn English. There are many challenges faced including loss of productivity, insufficient time to conduct studies, and internal resistance from managers. It is very clear employees are disgusted with the new policy and are only learning English to avoid being demoted or losing their jobs. Nine months to the deadline, the employees are growing desperate as they are realizing that it is increasingly becoming clear that they are not going to meet the set scores by the deadline. This has created anxiety and generally disrupted the workplace (Tsedal, 2011). In this paper, this case study is critically analyzed by examining the key communication challenges that are evident in the case study, suggesting alternatives to these cha llenges and showing why the alternatives will work. The challenges which are likely to be encountered in implementing the alternatives will also be highlighted. CASE ANALYSIS Key communication issues in the case study Radical changes in any organization require good preparation. In the case of this case study, the radical change was the change in the official language of the organization. The biggest communication challenge which can be identified here is insufficient of it. The manner in which the change in policy was communicated was clearly not the best. It was clearly going to draw resistance. Employees were never given time to internalize the new changes which were going to take effect. Everything around them was changed overnight including the menu language at the cafeteria. Hiroshi Mikitani relegated communication in this sense to a very naive position. According to Griffin (2003), communication should not be viewed naively as just a transmission of information. He argued tha t this notion often breeds â€Å"managerialism, discursive closure, and corporate colonization† (Griffin, 2003, p. 495). It is clear that Hiroshi Mikitani did not have the patience to engage his employees and collect their opinions on what they thought of the new policy. This challenge was similarly seen in the managers – the managers were clearly complaining and not on the side of their boss. The implication is that they had no prior information about the change in policy. This is a complete communication breakdown from the side of the CEO and such breakdowns often lead to very slow and reluctant adoption of new policies especially when such policies are radical. Alternatives to the challenges There are many alternatives that Hiroshi Mikitani could have used to ensure that his communication was welcomed. 1. There was a need to involve the employees – 2. Hiroshi Mikitani did not involve his employees in deciding on the new policy Their opinions did not seem to m atter to him and therefore by assuming this he was indeed communicating other messages such as they really do not matter to him. According to Tsedal (2012), engaging employees in decision making or in change of policies creates a platform to explain the rationale of creating a new policy. 3. The policy should have been implemented at the managerial level first It could set a great precedence if the policy was

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Audience Analysis Essay Example for Free

Audience Analysis Essay Many of us may know that Breast Cancer is a real prominent disease. With breast cancer being one of the top five killers of man-kind, I wanted to give information in regards to what the disease is. This disease is Cancer of the Breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US. This topic means a lot to me being that I’ve watched two grandmothers die from the disease and currently watching a auntie battle from it, not to mention my mom being a survivor, so in my opinion this topic felt extremely suitable for this informative speech. The purpose of my speech being on Breast Cancer, is simply to inform my audience about what Breast Cancer is, who/what it effects and its early detection. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), breast cancer is the most widespread cancer in U.S. women, it is very severe that women/men become aware of this disease. More than two million women are living with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 deaths are expected this year. The death rate has dropped steadily since 1990 (averaging a 2.3% decrease per year) due to improvements in early detection and treatment; the 5-year survival rate has risen to 88% (ACS, 2005). The type of organizational pattern I plan on using is being able to inform; I want to be able to educate my audience about my topic. I want to include some facts and statistics based on my research in regards. The information I plan to provide to my audience will be useful and interesting to help them develop their own questions and thoughts about breast cancer. References: American Cancer Society (ACS) . ( 2005 ). Breast cancer facts and figures, 2005–06 . Atlanta : Author .

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Homers The Odyssey Essay -- Homer Odyssey Epic Poem Essays

Homer's "The Odyssey" The Odyssey is a companion to The Iliad, a story of the Trojan War. Both The Iliad and The Odyssey are epic poems written by Homer. In The Odyssey, Homer relates the misadventures of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, that occur during the decade following the defeat of Troy. In doing so, the fates of his fellow warriors are also made known. The Odyssey begins on Mount Olympus, in the palace of Zeus, king of the gods, where a discussion takes place regarding the woes of humans and their determination to blame it on the gods. Athene, daughter of Zeus, appeals to her father to help Odysseus, who through no fault of his own, has been kept prisoner on the island of Ogygia for seven years by Calypso, daughter of the god Atlas. After receiving sanction to help Odysseus, Athene visits Telemachus, Odysseus' son, to motivate him to begin searching for his father. It is here that we learn of the situation awaiting Odysseus at home in Ithaca. Penelope, Odysseus' wife, is besieged by suitors who wish to marry her. She has no desire to remarry because she still laments for Odysseus and prays that he will return, even though it's been twenty years since he left to fight against Troy. These suitors, rather than courting her from afar, have taken up residence in her palace and are eating her and her son out of house and home. It is under these circumstances that Telemachus, directed by Athene, leaves Ithaca to search for news of his father. Meanwhile, Calypso is sent word that she must release Odysseus and allow him to return home. It is during his trip home that we learn of all that has befallen Odysseus since he left Troy. His journey home is not without incident either. However, with the help of Athene, Odysseus finally arriv... ...his voyage, The Ulysses Voyage, which describes his findings. Even people who have never read The Odyssey have been influenced by Homer because the books they read or the movies they watch are written by people who were influenced by Homer, and the languages they speak have words and expressions that have come down to us from Homer. Xenophanes, quoted in Scott's book, says it the best: "From the beginning, for all have learned from him." (Scott 93) Ifwe read Homer's The Odyssey, we can learn from him too. Works Cited: Finley, M. I. The World of Odysseus. New York: The Viking Press, 1954 , Lefkowitz, Mary R. The Lives of the Greek Poets. Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 1981. Scott, John Adams Scott. Homer and His Influence. New York: Cooper Square Publishers, Inc., 1963. Severin, Tim. The Ulysses Voyage. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1987

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Ordering System Essay

Introduction In recent years, technology is evolving rapidly. The use of computers is mostly needed for business day-to-day operations, evidently in most institutions like grocery stores. Grocery stores are familiar to most people and located throughout the country, although their sizes and range of goods and services often vary. Stores in the grocery store industry primarily sell a range of food items, but may also sell some nonfood goods. Most grocery store employees work in a clean, well-lighted, and climate-controlled environment. However, work at times can become hectic, and dealing with customers can be stressful with the use of manual process. In this study, we want to develop a new system for Jewel and Nickel Grocery Store Order System that will help them to minimize the time in taking the orders of their costumers, minimize the time in computing the total amount of each transactions, and to lessen the errors and problems in taking the costumers order for more efficient and time effective process. JEWEL AND NICKEL GROCERY STORE starts in 1990 with a capital of one thousand pesos only. The owner starts their grocery store on their own. The name of the store comes from the owner`s siblings Jewel their son and Nickel their daughter. Jewel and Nickel Store is located at PritilBinangonan Rizal and they are open at eight in the morning until six in the evening. After 22 years of selling quality goods, their store is now much bigger and now they have their own passenger boat and a lotto outlet. MISSION †¢To sell quality goods and to earn at least 3% profit. VISSION †¢To satisfy their costumer and to make sure that our goods are all in good quality.

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Is Technical Sergeant Travis Sandlin - 975 Words

My name is Technical Sergeant Travis Sandlin, I am writing on behalf of my father and every veteran that utilizes VA hospitals. Through trial and error it has come to our attention that the existing method and management of patient records is ineffective, unorganized, and outdated. A well-designed automated system will benefit all involved. Many men and women depend on VA hospitals and the care provided by them. Therefor it is imperative that as an acting body of government the VA must evolve to continually provide accurate patient care for the United States veterans that selflessly risked their lives for our freedom. This proposal sets forth certain recommendations and guidance on how the Veteran Affairs can vastly improve the current†¦show more content†¦This is not acceptable under any circumstance and is a fundamental reason why we must implement a change in the current system. Solution Operational electronic health record systems (EHR) can provide the information necessary on demand, short of troublesome trial and error of probing around physical files. From the first steps of designing the system, the enquiries that will follow are predicted and accommodated. Similar to an office filing system, the appropriateness of a detailed patient record system is often adjudicated by how much time and effort are necessary to locate and recover data. Thus, an intimate cog of the design of an electronic health record system is its efficient process for access, retrieval, and reporting. A handy electronic health record system can diminish complications scattered all through the VA. This system will allow a modest and efficient ways to record, analyze, and inquire about specific patients with minimal training. Case in point, when a patient transfers from one state to another within the same region, or to another region completely, the information can be extracted, organized, and conveyed electronically. The hospital receiving the electronic record can download the patient’s complete medical history, therefore eradicating the requirement for re-entering the information into their own disconnected system. Electronic data can